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"Where is God?" a book review

This question is a popular one in our society today. In his book, Dr. John Townsend attempts to answer this question for those who may be seeking. The highlights for me were these:
God has given us free will. He loves us and wants to be a part of our lives. He wants us to connect with others. We must have faith at all times; relying on and trusting God.
Now these are not new ideas for me, and maybe for you also. I found Dr. Townsend’s writing style to be geared towards the psychological evaluation of life’s circumstance to be distracting. I found it too detailed a reading to hold my interest. Too many chapters were focused on what not to look for in God. Now if I picked up this book with it’s title, “Where is God”, I think I would be sincerely searching for an answer in these tough times. I would not want to page through a theological textbook, which is how I felt about this book. It did not get interesting to me until about page 100, with the sub-topic of “How it works”.
Dr. …