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What I've learned from my temp job.....straight from the heart

When I started this temp job, I saw it as an opportunity to do something different, learn a new skill, try a different profession that I had some interest in, and get out of the house to bring home a paycheck.
I thought I would have this great epiphany; like this job was meant to be, and that there was some greater lesson the universe had in store for me.
I thought that I could learn to accept others as they are, and maybe learn some "grand" message about people.
Did I learn any great thing about working with others? Not really. I have to say, that going into this, and being one of only 2 Caucasian, English speaking people, ( the other one being my boss), I was really hoping for some "cultural experience", working among people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. What I came to conclude is this: all people are alike in many aspects. We're all human, have faults, values and differences. Some who I thought to become a "teachers" to me, turned out to…