What I've learned from my temp job.....straight from the heart

When I started this temp job, I saw it as an opportunity to do something different, learn a new skill, try a different profession that I had some interest in, and get out of the house to bring home a paycheck.
I thought I would have this great epiphany; like this job was meant to be, and that there was some greater lesson the universe had in store for me.
I thought that I could learn to accept others as they are, and maybe learn some "grand" message about people.
Did I learn any great thing about working with others? Not really. I have to say, that going into this, and being one of only 2 Caucasian, English speaking people, ( the other one being my boss), I was really hoping for some "cultural experience", working among people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. What I came to conclude is this: all people are alike in many aspects. We're all human, have faults, values and differences. Some who I thought to become a "teachers" to me, turned out to be just "average" people. Which is not to say that there is anything wrong with that. These are just my personal observations.

What I can say, it this: these are hard working people, who take pride in the work that they do, are happy and content; on the job at least. There is a good feeling that this evokes in me. The good, hard working values that this country was founded upon. When people did take pride in their work. When people built things and worked with their hands. But the worst of all this is that these hard working people are not being paid enough for the work that they provide.
I found this out to be true for myself. I mean, my paycheck was less that I was getting on unemployment. And for the last 2 weeks, I haven't really made and new jewelry, so I feel like I've kind of let my jewelry business suffer.
Here's my greatest epiphany: I'm glad I didn't spend $10,000 plus to go to culinary school. It is hard work, long hours, very hot. Working with this much food everyday has made me nauseous!

Would I do it again, if the circumstances were the same? Probably not.
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