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Jolt!~ a book review

Jolt! Get the jump on a world that’s constantly changing
Written by Phil Cooke
Television producer and social media guru, Phil Cooke shares in this book his methods to keep up with an ever changing world, while maintaining your integrity, and how to take control of your life, personally and in business.
In the introduction, the author gives us statistics and information on how the internet, social media and technology have changed our world and lives. The chapters are written on topics such as: change, setting priorities, personal growth, creativity, and confidence; just to name a few. Basically, 25 “points” to help those needing a change in direction in life.
The book does present Biblical principles to good living, somewhat discreetly written in “laymen” terms; in other words, not stressing religion.
Personally, I found nothing new here. I have read these topics written by many authors in many books. The most I learned, of new information, was just in the introduction section. Al…