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What juries want

As promised, I wanted to finish my thoughts concerning getting into juried art shows. You may remember I made a mention of it last week here.
I may be revealing some deep secret information here; I just don't know. Maybe it's just because I am still a novice at this stuff, and am learning as I go. I have applied to many shows. Many, that are juried events, requiring an artist to send in photos of their work and booth display. Well, I've had enough practice with photographing individual jewelry pieces for my Etsy shop, and must admit it has taken me about 3 years to finally get photos they way I want them.
An I always thought a good booth shot would show, that, yes, I have a white tent. And a nice banner, plus of course, my work on display. WRONG- fine art juried events do not want to see your tent, or you, or your name in this shot. For jewelry artists, they want to see the jewelry display close up, to see how "esthetically pleasing" your display is. They are not j…