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Crunching numbers and time

Taking a creative business and making a living at it. Is it possible to create high quality, artisan jewelry and make a living at it? I believe so. I know folks who are doing this. It is not an easy venture, that's for sure.
As I mentioned in a previous post, (you can read it here);
I have alot to think about; brainstorm, and goal set. Putting things on paper is always a good start. So I started looking at just how much production I can manage to complete.
My best "guestimation" is this: I can complete 5 cuffs and 5(metalsmithed) type of earrings per week on average. This means about 40 new items per month. And this is if I am working say, 4 or 5 days a week on jewelry.
So I figure that I need at least 50 items for a show (day); plus more for backup. This seems like alot of production work! Full time? You bet; plus some. Not news to the seasoned artisan, I'm sure.
How many shows can I do?
Another difficult question to answer. I know many artisans who do 20-…