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At a crossroads

Another Monday has come and (almost) gone. I must admit that it's getting harder and harder to keep up this blog. I know of many others who eventually stop blogging, take a hiatus, or move on to another form of social media. Even though I use FaceBook, I still want to keep my blog going. Since I didn't get any suggestions about what to blog about, my attendance here has slacked off a bit.
What's really on my mind lately, I hesitate to write about. It's not all sunny and positive. I feel like I'm standing at a crossroads-with my jewelry business, and my life. On the jewelry home front, I feel that business has been going down, and getting worse, especially in this last year. Sales are down, attendance at shows are down. My spirit is down. When I decided that I would do less shows this year, I at least had a couple in mind for this fall. And with the poor showing in July; 1) I cannot afford to apply to the one show, and 2) I missed the opening application f…