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Take your mother with you

So, another show under my belt for this season. Yesterday's show was not that great, and I may not consider this show again for fall 2012. It was quite busy, large crowds all day from opening at 9:00am until about 3:00pm when the crowds died down. The show was over at 4:00pm. There were more "craft type" booths than artisan booths. Lot's of handmade Christmas wreaths and decorations.
I knew 3 other jewelry artists that were in this show and the general consensus was the same. I think my friend Carol, who does seed bead weaving, did well. Here's her booth:

I went over a couple of times to check on her, since this was her first time putting up a tent all by herself.
Now here's where Mom comes in. Every time I went away from my booth, my mom made a sale! So I kept going over and talking with the people that I know, and every time I came back, my mom sold something. It was quite the joke of the day.
Well. until the next show, live and learn.