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How to work a business on a zero budget

Yes, you heard me, a zero dollar budget. Call me frugal, if you will-I tend to invest my money in good, high quality supplies for my jewelry. And I try not to spend ANY money on just about anything I don't have to. So I thought I'd share a few tips.
Business plan? Should I have one? Yes, but do I? No. I have discovered FREE small business counseling: SCORE. You may also want to check with your local library; as I have found FREE counseling sessons available there too.
Speaking of the library; this is the best place to find any information you could want. From business planning to how-to-make anything books and guides, this is the place.
There are also some great blog sources for small businesses, DIY, craft businesses, and jewelry. I have some of my favorites posted in the side bar(you may need to scroll down a bit)------------------------->
Rena Klingenberg's blogs are a favorite of mine, and another one where you can find free advice for your Etsy shop is My craf…