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Just chat

Welcome to Friday. I wanted to post something on my blog today, so I had to think a minute.... hmmmm....
I worked half a day today, came home and cleaned the house a bit, and now am taking a break. This week, shopping has been on my mind.
I want to go shopping!!! I'm craving some new tops to add to my wardrobe right now.
I like these:

I updated the section "websites I like for lampwork" down in the side bar to include some current, wonderful glass artists, who's beads you will find in some of my jewelry.
Speaking of jewelry, those latest pieces I showed off here, went to a local gallery, and can be seen in person at Clay and Paper Gallery in Dunedin.

Like giveaways? Paula Parrish, who makes wonderful soaps in having a giveaway; see her blog here.
And if you like books and giveaways, check out this blog, Luxury Reading.
And if you like beads, beading, and blog hops, check out Lori Anderson's blog, here.

That's all for today. Have fun checking out some new finds!