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November's Birchbox review

A quick overview of the product samples I received in this month's Birchbox.
~Amika nourishing hair mask~
A nice moisturizing conditioning treatment with natural ingredients. I liked this product. Very mild scent. Did a nice job conditioning my over-curly thick dry hair.

~Spa therapy body wash~ I do not like any product that has the "sea, or ocean" scent. Will not use. I'll probably add this to a giveaway package.

~White Almond body butter~ I have used Perlier products before and like them. My favorite was a "gardenia" scented lotion. (Don't know if they still make it or not.) The white almond fragrance I do not like. It smells like "old lady french lavender". What is white almond anyway?

~Red Flower rose collagen renewal face serum~ It's suppose to be a hydrating treatment that helps with wrinkles and skin's elasticity. It's an oil based product. You are to use a few drops. I do not like oil products, they make me …