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Art vs. Craft: Is it an issue?

This is the topic of Etsy Bloggers "Blog carnival" for the month of May. When I first read this topic headline, I thought to myself,"Ooooh, this could be a controversial subject; I don't want to step on any one's toes!" But, I'm thinking of this as a "challenge" writing for me, and maybe it will stir up some responses and comments from others, whether you consider yourself an artist, crafts person, or not.


Being fairly new in the jewelry making business, I really feel that I have not been around long enough to make a complete and educated opinion on this topic. But I do call myself a jewelry "artist" in my bios, in my shops on-line and else where.
Because, there is alot of creativity, design elements, layouts, drawings that I do prior to putting together a piece of jewelry. Now of course the more talent you have, the cost of materials that you use, the level of difficult in your design; these are all things that…