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Just a short note

Ah, my clean work space. I finally got rid of all the paper, notes, plastic bags, and partially done projects. And you know what? I think I can work better here now.
Shocker, isn't it? :)
I do love it when I'm organized! There's my little fan to keep me cool while I create. On the other side is my computer. You know what's great? I can watch (or mostly listen) to Netflix (movies or TV shows) while I work.
Here's a couple of new items:

"Harry Potter" themed earrings. Now the funny thing is, I posted them in my Etsy shop on Wednesday, went out and showed them to a friend and SOLD! Wow, no one even got to see them! So there you go.

This "Floral splendor" bracelet I added today. Now there is a matching necklace, that I hoped to have finished today, but as we speak, it and another bracelet are tumbling.
So you'll have to wait for those. (New and exciting pieces coming!!!!)
Oh, I forgot I made some brass hoops earlier in the week. They look like gold.