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More new jewelry

As I sit here in between laundry loads, while waiting for the dinner to finish cooking in the oven, and before I have to go back to work for evening treatments,(whew!) I have a few minutes to show off and talk about the last 2 new pieces of jewelry that have been added to my ETsy shop this week.
The first is another pair of stamped and hammered disc earrings.

Copper stamped disc earrings-twisted knots
I take pure copper discs and hammer and texture them for this look. They also get domed, oxidized for a rich patina finish. I added twisted wire "knots" at the top. And pure copper ear wires. I made these ear wires slightly different than usual; I flattened the front part so it faces out, giving a thicker look in front of the ear than just the usual round ear wire.

Copper cuff

I think I mentioned this bracelet in a previous post. It's alot of work. It takes it's toll on my hands and wrists. It's basically a basket weave design, weaving wire in and out around the heavy c…