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Looking back at my fall art shows and ahead into 2014

After getting through a long hectic show schedule, I had many questions to ask myself.
First of all, how did I do at these shows? Were they profitable? Were they worth all the work involved? Did I make money? Did I ENJOY doing them? How did I feel afterwards, and 3 days afterwards?
And guess what? I was not happy with my answers to these questions. This fall season was not as good (financially) as last year's. I felt that people didn't want to spend money, or were very cautious about their spending. (I think the economic crush had finally set in.)
Long, hot days, the travel, expense, just not worth it at some events. I felt like my health, and mental well being were not at their best.
It was especially hard since I started working a regular job Monday-Friday. It takes a toll. Not to mention on your private life too.

So I ended up asking myself, just what things are really important to me? You might want to ask yourself this question and you might be suprised by the…