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A book review- What's he really thinking?

What’s He Really Thinking? “ How to be a Relational Genius with the man in your life”
by Paula Rinehart

This book is about understanding the man in your life, how he thinks, how to understand him, and how to relate to him. The author takes you on a journey from understanding
your influence on your man, to exploring the roots of feelings that men have how they express, or don’t express themselves, to how they change, what your part is in all of it, basically how to cope. But the author also touches on issues such as intimacy, conflicts, and expectations all with a reference to biblical text and verses.
My first impression upon reading the first 10 to 20 pages of this book left me a little bored. It seemed a little dry, for my taste. But with that being said, once I got deeper into the book, I did enjoy reading it, and found most of the author’s suggestions and insights to be truthful.
She uses biblical reference throughout the book, which can be helpful, if you apply those verses to…