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A quick update

Well, I guess I'm starting on those goals I listed a while back in a post. I have decided to try to do at least 3 arts and crafts shows this fall. Today, (after many hours and days of research on-line and via the phone to pick out ones I liked), I've found 4 or 5, applied to 3 of them and sent in 2 applications today. This took all day. One app. was quite long, plus they wanted photos of my work, my booth and me creating stuff! So I had to make some quick photos, ran out to get them developed, came home and realized that I needed more photos, so out again to the store! I can't believe how long it takes me to do stuff sometimes!
I have a number of new pieces of jewelry made, but have not yet priced or photographed them, so I guess that will wait for another day!