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ColourPop cosmetics~My trial

I thought I would try some make-up products from ColourPop since I've seen some reviews and hype over them on YouTube.
What I got:
Megan Naik colab: 4 eye shadows. The colors are Onai, Amira, Farah, and Lectra.
While these eye shadows are very pigmented and labeled as "super shock", I found them less than shocking. They are a hard to describe creamy/powder shadow. I had a hard time getting them to look as pigmented on the skin as they do in the pot.
I tried applying them with and without a primer, however I did not try them with a base color underneath to start. But I can't really see the point of putting on a primer, then a color, then another color over it, to make it stand out. If the shadow does not hold its own, what's the point in using it?
On to the lip products I tried.
~Frida~ a color colab with "Coffee break with Dani", who BTW, I love to watch on Youtube.
And Brink~I ordered the lippie stix and the thin lined lippie pencil. Seeing this colo…