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A very lazy Sunday

I can't believe that I did absolutely nothing yesterday! Since I am not a mother, and my own mother is out of town right now, I really did not have anywhere to go, or to see anyone for Mother's Day. So, I had a quite, peaceful day of rest! I spent the entire day, in a recliner, watching the "Science channel". It was a cloudy day outside, with the threat of rain. I found myself falling in and out of sleep. **************************************************************************************** I have not mentioned dieting lately, so I guess an update it about due. I have stalled in my weight loss journey. Really, I have not been that disciplined to stay on the "so called" Weight Watcher's eating plan. I miss too many foods that I enjoy. But it is o.k. to allow yourself treats every now and then. Total weight loss at this point is about 12-14 lbs. **************************************************************************************** …