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Adventures in Metalsmithing

Learning new techniques is always fun, and sometimes challenging; especially if you're teaching yourself!
Last week I encountered an issue using my micro torch. It stopped working. So I had to troubleshoot the problem. I had fuel, I had a spark, so I guess it got clogged. BTW: there is a great troubleshooting video from Beaducation- you can view it here. So I cleaned the tip and still no luck. Come to find out that "premium" fuel is not the same as "triple refined fuel", which is recommended to use in these types of micro torches. I must add, that the folks at Beaducation were very helpful!
So, being on the production schedule that I have set for myself, I tried to use my bigger propane torch to do the job. Well, I almost incinerated my ear wires! Two times! Finally, getting the feel of the propane torch, I managed to finish the earrings and am happy with the results.

The propane torch is much more difficult to handle for fine detail work. Ne…