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Your 100 Day Prayer by John I. Snyder~ a book review

This book offers 100 days of prayer beginning with a Bible passage, followed by the author’s explanation and interpretation of the passage. After each day’s reading, there is blank space for one’s thoughts, meditations, or for journaling. It is an easy read, not too deep, but thought provoking and encouraging.
It is written in a cohesive way, for instance, beginning with an opening prayer, and a quick guide on how to use the book. Each day’s topic has a different theme, yet are all connected in some way. For example, day one, entitled, “in the beginning” quotes from the book of Genesis and the passages continue on this way.
I like how each day has a different topic, making this a good book to go to at any time if you are struggling with an issue, you can easily go to the table of contents and pick with topic fits for you and re-read it. I say re-read, as I would recommend reading it through entirely the first time.
Some topics include: Living our purpose, first things first, stres…