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I hate cleaning!

That should sum it all up for you, but I love to share all the rather interesting, if not boring details. What a way to spend a Saturday.
Early a.m.; I actually did an aerobic workout! I'm going to try and keep a record of how many times a week I can manage to exercise, so that I can loose some of this weight that I've gained over the last couple of years. My beginning goal is to strive for 3 times a week.
Mid-morning; meet with my friends as I usually do on Saturday mornings.
Then, the nightmare begins. I have not thoroughly cleaned this house in some time. Call it spring cleaning if you will, I dusted, vacuumed, bleached around the windows.
Let me explain this one. We tend to get mold. Of course if you ask our condo association, they will say that we don't have mold. Like I have spare time to bleach around windows often. I think the main source of the problem is around our bedroom window outside, as this is where standing water seems to accumulate. But, oh no, condo maintena…