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I've got my groove back!

I've had a great last 3 days; a good weekend. I finally have some new jewelry made and photos to share. It felt good to have thing flow, to feel natural to me; working and shaping with wire. But before I do show off my new goodies, I want to mention that in today's mail I got this month's issue of "Step by Step" wire magazine and paged through to find my earrings featured in the gallery page. This made me happy! A step forward!

A great magazine for those of you would want to pursue wire jewelry making.
So on to the eye candy. I made a number of hoop type designs, well squares to be honest. A pair with a dangle of wire wrapped chunk amethyst, and (my personal favorite), "barbed wire" squares of sterling silver with copper twisted wire wrapped around. I think I'll be making a pair for myself!

And some more sterling silver spiral earrings in bright silver and oxidized with some metal beads. These were a request from a local gallery here.

Then I finally fin…