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Studio Tour

Today's a quick studio tour so you can see where the creative process begins and flows.

Here is where I start my creative process. I draw out designs, cut metal, do wire work, make ear wires, etc. As you can see, this is also where I do my business work, and computer work. All my notes, lists, schedules are pinned up to cork boards on the desk wall. A closer look at the desk top. I keep some hammers in a mug and some jewelry related books here too.

The other side of the desk has lots of tools, supply drawers where I keep everything I need to create jewelry from beads to findings to bezel cups and more. Plus a sleeping cat!

This next little work bench area serves as a hammering and shaping station. My vise lives here along with various metal mandrels and bending tools, plus the bottom serves as an overflow for beads, and other tools. This is my soldering station.
From here I usually move to the scrubbing area to clean the metals; yes it's a bathroom sink!
Then, usually most …