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A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

Welcome to the unemployment line, AGAIN! So I'm jobless again. That didn't last long did it? And I'm kind of glad too, because I really wasn't happy there. It seems to me that I just don't like the every day 9 to 5, or in my case, 7-2pm drag of working in an office, under flourecent lights, etc. I just don't fit in to the norm of society! I can really feel the difference too, not just physically, but mentally. I've been cranky for the last 2 weeks. No energy. Angry.
I knew I needed some time in nature. This morning (in the heat) I took a walk around the ponds here. It felt so good to my soul. The green of the trees, the smell of the damp ground and woods, and the trickling of a little stream. This is telling me something!
On the same subject, the other day while web surfing I found this: "laughter yoga".
Have you ever heard of it? Take a look.
If the video doesn't load, click on the above link.
So I said to myself, "I've go…