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Surprised By Oxford~ A memoir by Carolyn Weber

As a student at Oxford University, the author writes a diary of sorts, about her time, studies, living in England, folks and friends and most of all her conversion to Christianity. The authors shares with us, the readers, interesting conversations with friends, quaint times in the pubs, and holiday traditions, and English traditions also. We get an inside look at the author’s feelings about men, and religion from visions of her childhood and upbringing. She asks many questions about God and faith; and most conversations are with a Christian male friend, who interestingly becomes a major character in this book.
I must admit, that this is a rather long book. I was weary that I would be able to complete 440 pages of the reading. Written with much literary prose, you can tell right away that the author studied literature as her major, and became a professor of literature as well. There is much use of excerpts from literary masters. I found the writing to be structured much like a …