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Resurrection Year~a book review

Resurrection Year by Sheridan Voysey
It’s the true memoirs of one couple’s journey through infertility, waiting on God in His timing, and feelings of despair. The author shares his honest and touching account of the ten years hoping, praying, and trying for a child, searching for answers, not only about parenthood, but also about the purpose of their sufferings. This story takes the reader across countries in search of answers, spirituality, and the beauty of God’s green earth.
I choose this book, thinking that I didn’t have anything in common with the topic of infertility, and that I probably would not make a connection to the story. But something about the title, “Resurrection Year”, “turning broken dreams into new beginnings”, intrigued me. And I was pleasantly surprised.
Not only that, but I did relate to so many of the couple’s struggles, that certain pages almost brought me to tears. Now I am not easily moved to emotions, but this story struck a chord in me, probably since…