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When to delete, read, or save those emails

As I sit this weekend trying to go through some 9 pages of unread emails, I finally can ask myself, "when do I delete, read, or move to a saved folder?" Do you find yourself doing this?
Of course I check my email on a daily basis, and answer anything that is urgent, ie: an order or question from my Etsy shop, family email, or some bill that needs my immediate attention. But then, I find myself wasting time opening emails from retail shops and stores promoting the "last chance" or "best ever" sales claim. I get lured in. Then sometimes go browsing. How much time do you spend (or waste) browsing like this?
The other types of email I have filling up my inbox is from subscriptions or newsletters, which at the time, seemed to have value, or I wouldn't have signed up for them. These are the emails that tend to get lost, unopened, and fill up my inbox.
So, what do I do? It may seem simple, but here it is.

Daily, read what's urgent, answer, and de…