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Doing the Right Thing~Scott B. Rae~ A book review

Making moral choices in a world full of options. This book based on ethics discusses morals, values, virtues, and tries to define each, by using examples in world history, medicine, and politics. The author, who is Dean and Professor of Christian ethics at a school of theology, quotes from many philosophers throughout world history and adds quotes from various bible references.
Written very much in text book form, the author discusses: abortion, stem cell research, physician assisted suicide, corporate scandals, such as Enron, and others.
This was not the type of book I thought it would be. I hated it. I was not expecting a collage level lecture on philosophy and ethics. I was looking for a little lighter read with biblical reference. This book was not only boring, but could be disturbing to some readers, especially in chapters where the author uses disturbing images of (crimes against infants) and I’m using a mild example here.
Bottom line-good moral training starts in the hom…