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Am I becoming an artist's watchdog?

Another show done and over, and I'm here to report. This year at this event was not as good as last year. My first complaint was that the promoter was not well organized.
So, I'm by myself, having to put up a tent, weights and all- now with the farmer's market also going on I tried to arrive really early to allow myself enough time to prepare. I arrived pre-dawn, had a hard time finding anyone working for the show to check in with, then finally found the promoter, who proceeded in moving me 3 times-3 diferent locations! First booth spot, someone already was setting up, second one, had a tent already in it, so finally, she gave me someone else's spot.
Now they are a big organization and have been doing shows for over 20 years. Oh, really?
I was not impressed. Stressed is more like it.

Now I couldn't believe how the downtown homeless population has grown. There were many, at least 20 I could say, that were walking around, sitting down on curbs across from our b…