Am I becoming an artist's watchdog?

Another show done and over, and I'm here to report. This year at this event was not as good as last year. My first complaint was that the promoter was not well organized.
So, I'm by myself, having to put up a tent, weights and all- now with the farmer's market also going on I tried to arrive really early to allow myself enough time to prepare. I arrived pre-dawn, had a hard time finding anyone working for the show to check in with, then finally found the promoter, who proceeded in moving me 3 times-3 diferent locations! First booth spot, someone already was setting up, second one, had a tent already in it, so finally, she gave me someone else's spot.
Now they are a big organization and have been doing shows for over 20 years. Oh, really?
I was not impressed. Stressed is more like it.

Now I couldn't believe how the downtown homeless population has grown. There were many, at least 20 I could say, that were walking around, sitting down on curbs across from our booths, and some that were disruptive, and police had to have them move. Now how is this good for business? Then there was this homeless girl with a dog that had a sign around his neck, "I'm adorable and hungry." So my emotions started to kick in and I started to tear up, having to put my sunglasses on so passing customers would not see me cry. O.k., so I'm becoming emotional now.

We were hoping for a break from the heat, here in Florida, but that cold spell did not come. It was so HOT! In the 90's plus humidity. And the way the show promoter's had us back to back booths all next to each other, like caged animals-was not pleasant to say the least. I think I had wet clothing all day. Even customers were complaining about the heat. Did not make for a good shopping experience-nor was it easy to engage them.

Needless to say, I don't think that I will do this particular show again.
And I almost forgot, the promoter's had people coming around up until the last 5 minutes of the show "telling" people that they could not start putting ANYTHING away until the exact hour the show was over. (Give me a break, I do not need a babysitter, and BTW: there were really no people walking around that last half hour anyway!)

So, I feel like I'm becoming the artist's watchdog. Every time after I do a show, I tend to report on it. And this is my honest opinion, from my own perspective. So take it for what it's worth.

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Silica Repman said…
Hey i found you from etsy blog team, your blog is so cute! please visit me back!
Gari Anne said…
Did you make any money? Was it worth the time, effort and trouble you went through?
cindy said…
Did not do as well as last year.
LanasArtStudio said…
so sorry to hear about your unfortunate event. maybe next time will be some improvement:)

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