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Getting movitated

Now that I have two weeks off from work, my jewelry designing work begins. I'll be working on new designs for the new year and an upcoming show in February. As you may or may not know that I took a full-time position where I work, and I have less time to create jewelry. (I've got to make a living somehow.) And the added full-time benefits do help!
As of lately, I've been kinda self-absorbed, watching Youtube videos and adding to my growing cosmetic collection. Let me stop right here and say, that I always wanted to be a make-up artist. I did go to beauty school years ago, but they focused mainly on hair and nails, so I never found the right route to follow. (Self-justification here) In past years I have worked in department stores in the cosmetics department.

Anyway, there are a lot less hours in the day to create jewelry, when you're working full time. And sometimes the weekends seem to fill up with other obligations as well. So I have to restructure how and …