Getting movitated

Now that I have two weeks off from work, my jewelry designing work begins. I'll be working on new designs for the new year and an upcoming show in February. As you may or may not know that I took a full-time position where I work, and I have less time to create jewelry. (I've got to make a living somehow.) And the added full-time benefits do help!
As of lately, I've been kinda self-absorbed, watching Youtube videos and adding to my growing cosmetic collection. Let me stop right here and say, that I always wanted to be a make-up artist. I did go to beauty school years ago, but they focused mainly on hair and nails, so I never found the right route to follow. (Self-justification here) In past years I have worked in department stores in the cosmetics department.

Anyway, there are a lot less hours in the day to create jewelry, when you're working full time. And sometimes the weekends seem to fill up with other obligations as well. So I have to restructure how and when I can create jewelry to sell. I will have the summer off, which will probably be my time to create and enjoy.

Sometimes I just feel entitled to relax, and not concentrate on my jewelry business, especially after a long, hard day at work. Do you ever feel that way?
So since I haven't picked up a torch or hammer lately, I find it really hard to find the motivation to sit down at my work bench, and actually start something. What I do to get motivated is to think ahead-plan ahead. It's important to have the proper mind set. So all weekend I've been planning (in my head) and talking to myself, that on Monday I will start.... project. I have a list, o.k. lists of projects that I want to make and new designs to create. I've also bought a couple of guides to work with on new designs. One is on making different flowers out of metal and the other is a guide to getting different colors on copper using a torch method. I already do a little bit with heat patinas, but this guide shows you how to create "peacock-like" colors with a torch. I'm looking forward to working with that, although there is probably a learning curve, so I don't know how many complete projects I'll have right away.
How do you get motivated?

I think that's enough talk for now; oh, BTW: if you want to indulge yourself with some great Youtube beauty videos, these are my favorite channels to watch:
or her other channel: Beauty Broadcast Express

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