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Summer is here!

And so is the humidity! Ran today, my long run/walk (3.18 mi.). Went out at 6:00am, pre-dawn. So humid. I don't know what this summer will bring. It's time to buy a water pouch to carry along with me now while exercising. If not to drink, I can always pour it over my head to help cool down. Still working at 25 sec. run/35 sec. walk per minute. I have NOT gotten on a scale this week.

Seven months till race time. Is it crunch time? I think it is time for me to really get serious about what I'm eating. I've got to remind myself what is important to me and why I decided to take this exercise challenge and continue to work towards my goal. I'm not having problems with the exercise part. I'm going to work on my mind. Thinking before I eat, staying away from sweets, sugar, desserts, and limiting my bread/carb intake. I will eat more fruits and vegetables! This has got to work. Stay positive.

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