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One light still shines~a book review

Marie Roberts Monville, tells the story of her life before and after the Amish schoolhouse shooting. She was the wife of the shooter who took the lives of 5 young girls and then his own on one tragic day, October 2, 2006. There were no noticeable signs, or predictions, just a phone call from her husband that morning before the shootings.
Marie is left to deal with the aftermath of this destruction of lives and families- widowed with 3 of her own children. How she survives, is a true gift from God through faith, redemption and love.
I don’t know exactly what I expected to find by reading this book. Maybe looking for answers; asking why?, but this is not about what her husband did, it is HER story. And I, at first couldn’t believe all the miracles and blessings Marie received from God. I was amazed at how forgiving and caring the Amish families (who lost loved ones) were towards Marie and her children. I was astounded by the amount of support from strangers Marie and her childre…