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What not to wear~I'll miss you

TLC's "What not to wear" has been a favorite show of mine since day one. I love fashion and make-up, and do believe in looking your best that you can. I especially believe that if you are doing shows, selling your products, etc. that you should put on a nice, professional appearance if you want to be taken seriously. I've noticed more that once at arts and crafts shows, how some sellers dress, as if they were just about to clean their houses or wash the car.
I just finished reading Stacy London's book, "The truth about style". And as she says in the book, it's not about the clothes, but what they can do for you. The book features women from all walks of life who could benefit from a style makeover. For example: a breast cancer survivor, a mom with many kids and no time for herself, a divorced older woman, and more. I highly recommend this one.
A makeover can truly change your life, whether you're looking for a new job, new relationship, o…