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Etsy Blogger's Blog Carnival

What item from another sellers shop do you secretly wish you had thought of first?
Here's a topic that upon first glance I thought would be an easy writing. But with further thought; not so much. I love so many items of other's work. And being a jewelry artist, I must admit a jewelry addict, I fall in love with lots of jewelry! It could be sterling silver, brass, vintage or contemporary. I tend to change my style of jewelry around quite a bit.
If I had to pick one genre, I would have to choose southwestern inspired jewelry. I just love the look of it. And it really never goes out of style. The beautiful gemstones from Mother Earth: ie: turquoise, coral, adventurine, quartz, and many others. And being that sterling silver is my metal of choice, well, there you have it! Most southwestern pieces do use silver as their base metal.

So I can't really say that, "I wish I had thought of this first", because really, je…