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What item from another sellers shop do you secretly wish you had thought of first?
Here's a topic that upon first glance I thought would be an easy writing. But with further thought; not so much. I love so many items of other's work. And being a jewelry artist, I must admit a jewelry addict, I fall in love with lots of jewelry! It could be sterling silver, brass, vintage or contemporary. I tend to change my style of jewelry around quite a bit.
If I had to pick one genre, I would have to choose southwestern inspired jewelry. I just love the look of it. And it really never goes out of style. The beautiful gemstones from Mother Earth: ie: turquoise, coral, adventurine, quartz, and many others. And being that sterling silver is my metal of choice, well, there you have it! Most southwestern pieces do use silver as their base metal.

So I can't really say that, "I wish I had thought of this first", because really, jewelry making has been around for ages, can we say that it goes back to ancient times, as far back as ancient Egypt, as well as our Native American ancestors.
I chose to show you this piece above, from my friend, Lisa's shop: Lisa's Lovlies, on Etsy, because I had to tell her recently, that while I was in a Native American art gallery once, I saw almost this same design! She was thrilled. A beautifully made pair of earrings!

And let me just show you one more of my favorites:

This one's from Deb's shop: Story Beader on Etsy. What a great necklace. I think my favorite thing about it is the animal fetish stone beads. And, because I am partial to turtles, I just love the inlaid gemstone turtle pendant.
Now, go out yourself and take a look around, and find out what your favorite is!


Anonymous said…
Hi Cindy! Great blog topic, thanks so much for featuring my earrings!
Cards By Jenna said…
Awesome necklace! Look at all that detail and hand work. Great post!
Anonymous said…

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