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A Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning for a walk. The air is crisp, clean, and fresh. I really have a spring in my step today as I go out to walk. It is not yet daylight; just dawn I would say and I have chosen to walk along the paths on the outskirts of the woods. It is quiet, peaceful. It's like I'm having a "walking meditation". See for Thich Nhat Hanh. So many thoughts and ideas running through my head; the creative juices are flowing. I came across a cluster of pretty fuchsia berries, don't know what they are and I didn't bring the camera; I wasn't expecting to take photos, but wish I had as this is when I usually miss good photo opportunities.
There's a little brook, the stream of clear water gently flowing towards the deeper woods. Deeper, yes, deeper into the woods, into myself. I open up to the world, and it is freeing. I am not afraid, I do not fear, because today is a gift that we receive. A gift to be enjoyed, and I plan to e…