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Magnolia Market~ A book review

Magnolia Market~ a novel by Judy Christie
Everything happens for a reason. This you’ll soon find out as main character “Avery” discovers after mishap, personal loss, and well, almost everything seems to be going wrong in her life. Marrying into a rich, snobbish family, Avery loses her husband in more than one way. The family wants to pay her off to get out of town and never return. They take away her job, working at a boutique, where she had hoped to own one day; her home, and her bank account; all of which were under the “rule” of the family whom now has disowned her.
A car crash into a locally owned family market seemed to be the last straw for Avery, but not everything is as it appears to be.
The author bases this story in Louisiana, with its southern flair, and small town society. Main character Avery, wants to do the right thing, and is determined to succeed and to not let her deceased husband’s family run her life. It’s a likeable story, I enjoyed Avery’s struggle to succe…