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Jen Louden on Retreats

I'm a retreat crusader -- because I see retreats save women's souls.

Retreats renew, remind, revivify your entire being.

Retreats remind you what you love about yourself and your life.

Retreats allow you to see what it's time to let go of.

Retreats bring back your passion and work miracles on your exhausted self.

Yet you often can't make the time to travel to a retreat, and left to retreat on
your own, sometimes your retreats may not feel as life changing.

Enter Virtual Retreats!

Virtual Retreats are regular part of the Comfort Cafe experience.

This call was part of our April Virtual Retreat -- I'm sharing the extra
"Comfort Cafers only" call with you.

Listen with your heart and you'll be creating your own retreat in no time.

Happy Retreating,


P.S. One perk of the Comfort Cafe is a regular chance to win free participation
to some of my live retreats -- including Kripalu and other groovy places.