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Sandcastle Kings~ Meeting Jesus in a Spiritually Bankrupt World by Rich Wilkerson, Jr.~ Book Review

Sandcastle Kings talks about the 4 stories in the Bible in Luke Chapter 7. Preacher Rich Wilkerson, Jr. leads the reader through each story with its lesson on being spiritually bankrupt, finding Jesus and accepting the Grace that He has died to give us. The author deeply examines each story in his own words and explanations; some of which may appeal to a younger audience. Wilkerson does try to tie in his own personal experience throughout the book with the Biblical stories and principals as they are written in the Bible.
My overall opinion of this book: It was a bit repetitive, a little boring and maybe better left for a younger generation to discover. The author’s wording/use of (slang) I can’t find a better word for it- didn’t hit home with me or fill my spirit or soul. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to finish reading it, just to get through it. Better recommended for a younger 20’s something Christian reader.
I received this book complimentary from BookLook Bloggers in exchange …