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So much to explore

It's early in the morning here;sometimes I find that my mind is pretty clear with thoughts, so I wanted to share about my journey briefly before heading off for the day. I am making my way around the gulf coast of Florida.

My quest to find sops and galleries to house my jewelry designs had led me to discover many more options that I had originally thought existed.
Last week's trip yielded progress. I've acquired another shop to carry my jewelry; (yeah!) and have a couple of "juried" galleries that I'm submitting photos and bios to. Off to the post office today.
I'm thinking of joining a couple of professional organizations ie: craft organizations/artist's groups. I think it would serve me well to learn more about marketing and being a handmade jewelry artisan, as well as getting involved with a like minded group of people to share ideas with and to have support. A mentor perhaps?
Just my thoughts for this morning. Now I'm off to make a weekly pay chec…