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The new alpha male

Let me tell you a story. It's a nice story with a happy ending. You see, I work in an animal hospital, and sometimes we see alot of sad things. This is the story of Gordon.
One day, at work a client came in in tears. Almost hysterically in tears. It seems she was moving into a smaller home, or condo where she could not take her dear cats. It was so sad, as I could hear her telling the doctor her story, although I was not in the examination room with them. The client was (that day) to have her cats flown to her daughter and son-in-law in another state. Well, they backed out at the last minute. She was heart broken. As was my boss, the veterinarian. To avoid putting the cats to sleep, the doctor said that she would try to find homes for them.
Of course, she would run all kinds of tests and blood work to make sure they were healthy.
I became friends with Gordon over the next few days, realizing that he was a "lap cat", unlike my other cats, and I really wanted another one, as…