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My first Julep Maven box

What it is: A monthly subscription box featuring Julep nail polishes and Julep cosmetic products that you can personalize to your likings.

How it works: Join Julep. You can get your first box free, just pay the $2.99 shipping. You can find various codes for free boxes on the site. Then it costs $24.99/month.

What I got in this box: (Geared toward Halloween), 3 Julep nail polishes and a Julep gel eye liner pencil.
NAIL POLISHES: Ledi- A black with very, very tiny-almost invisible background glitter.
Mary Lee- A dark red/burgundy And a "spray paint" top coat in Ana- clear coat with white flecks
PLUS a Julep gel eye liner in "rich brown". I have so many liners that I did not swatch this one- I will probably save for a giveaway.

In comparison with other nail polishes: I compared Julep with OPI, China Glaze, and Ulta brand.
Overall, they all had similar if not the exact same first 5 ingredients. OPI and China Glaze have formaldehyde, Ulta brand, surprisingly does n…