My first Julep Maven box

What it is: A monthly subscription box featuring Julep nail polishes and Julep cosmetic products that you can personalize to your likings.

How it works: Join Julep. You can get your first box free, just pay the $2.99 shipping. You can find various codes for free boxes on the site. Then it costs $24.99/month.

What I got in this box: (Geared toward Halloween), 3 Julep nail polishes and a Julep gel eye liner pencil.
NAIL POLISHES: Ledi- A black with very, very tiny-almost invisible background glitter.
Mary Lee- A dark red/burgundy
And a "spray paint" top coat in Ana- clear coat with white flecks
PLUS a Julep gel eye liner in "rich brown". I have so many liners that I did not swatch this one- I will probably save for a giveaway.

In comparison with other nail polishes: I compared Julep with OPI, China Glaze, and Ulta brand.
Overall, they all had similar if not the exact same first 5 ingredients. OPI and China Glaze have formaldehyde, Ulta brand, surprisingly does not. Julep polishes are formaldhyde and touline free.
Bottle size: Julep is about half the size of the other polishes I compared.
Julep- .27 fl. oz./8mls.
OPI- .5 fl. oz./15 mls.
China Glaze- .5 fl. oz./14 mls.
Ulta- .23 fl. oz./10 mls.
The Julep packaging is impressive. The bottles and slim and sleek, in a thick, heavy glass. They are also in an outer box when you get them. So these are high end polishes.

Application: Goes on smooth, with highly pigmented colors. Fast drying. The top coat claims drying time under 5 minutes. I'll agree. Julep also claims their polish is carcinogenic free and has nail strengtheners included.
Julep does offer some unique shades of color that I'm hoping to try. And I'll have to wear it awhile before I can comment on wearability. You can use this link to sign up right now:
Stop back for more.

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