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Weekly weigh in and other stuff

weight loss: 3 pounds
It still amazes me how the body works. Last week, I gained. This week, I didn't exercise much and ate some in excess; and then, a 3 pound loss! I guess it's just like life; the ups and the downs.
One of the leaders at WW said not to judge your weekly weigh ins, but to look at the overall picture, say look at it over a months time. Then I guess you will get to know how your body's weight, hormones, etc. will fluctuate at different times.

On another note: My husband has been hired to a new job. It is much better than the current one. Better all around. So, this is good, because it is just what we need right now.

I had a rather crappy day at work myself. And so feeling overwhelmed, angry, trapped; I decided to go shopping. I bought myself a new purse and wallet. (not that it was in the budget to do so) but I was feeling down and sometimes retail therapy is helpful!
Enough already, it's time for Friday night pizza!