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Etsy blogger's September 25 Blog Carnival

We were asked this month to talk about our studio space where we create, and what we like or wish we could improve or have. My space is kind of small, I mean I use an office corner/dining room space. I have an L shaped desk which is multi-functional, as it is used as my work bench, office, computer and printer space.

As you can see, my chests and tools which overlook into the kitchen; on that counter I have my tumbler, dapping tools, etc. To the right of this photo is table top work space and my computer area.

As you can see, one of our cats has decided to get comfortable on top of the printer!

But, my work space does tend to spill over into the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Like I said, I use table space in the kitchen for tumbling, and oxidizing, the bathroom for rinsing, (I was warned about spilling steel shot down the kitchen sink and ruining the garbage disposal, so I decided on the bathroom for this task.
Then I sometimes have to use the laundry room. This is where all the p…