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Color Schemes

Etsy Blogger's Team has proposed the question, "what colors do you like to create with?"
This is easy for me to answer. My first love is of the southwest, which has inspired many of my jewelry creations, as well as my home decor. I just love the colors of turquoise, teal, terra cotta, rust, copper, and coral. And they never seem to go out of style.

Another 2 of my favorite color combinations are pink and brown and green and pink.
Pink and brown is a popular combo in fashion, I've noticed. And I just love pink and green together. I think of the colors of tourmaline gemstone.

If you need some color basics, take a look at the color wheel.

They say colors across from each other on the wheel are complimentary colors. I read an article once about this (speaking of photography) and tried to use complimentary colors as backgrounds when photographing jewelry. Sometimes it has worked, other times not. I guess you just have to play around with it.

You can go to Fire mountain gems an…