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Birchbox review-January 2015 box

Quick reviews!
My favorite product in this month's box is the Naobay body radiance lotion. It goes on as a light moisturizer, but does have a lasting quality to it. Smells like light citrus. Has olive and avocado oils in it, but not greasy at all.

~theBalm "Staniac" A sheer tint for lips and cheeks. It's a gel based product. On my lips it looked like I just ate a cherry popsickle,(did not like), but it gave a nice healthy glow to the cheeks. This is a good trial size to carry with you.

~The Davines Ol/oil absolute and conditioner (I got 2 packs of conditioner) I thought the conditioner was nothing special, but I did like the results I got with the oil. I have naturally curly, dry hair and do use oil products regularly. At first the Davines oil seemed too thin, I did not think it would do anything, but my hair was smoother, and my curls stayed in place. The product claims to "prevent frizz, and strengthen hair from breakage". The only ingredient I reco…